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I'm Natalie and I help yoga teachers elevate their teaching and skyrocket their confidence so that they can become highly sought-after.

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What it's like to work with me...

LeAnn Slater

Yoga Teacher & Energy Healer

"I used to try to use themes and connect with guided imagery, but it felt disjoined and I lacked confidence. After working with Natalie, I’m way more comfortable with themes and my students have commented to the studio that they appreciate the thought I’m putting into my classes!"

Tracy Spencer

Yoga Teacher

"Through working with Natalie, my mind has opened to the many ways you can make a substantial income as a yoga professional. She's helped me increase my business savvy as well as my teaching skills. I have a new energy that I’m bringing to my teaching now. I’m showing up differently."

Ready to elevate your teaching and become highly sought-after?

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  • Opportunity to discuss next steps and if working together might be a good fit

About Natalie.

I went from being a lost, insecure yoga teacher, afraid to put myself out there, to being a powerful, confident leader.

Now I show my clients - teachers just like you - how to step into their own power and confidence.

My commitment to you is to help you step into your next level self so that you can become the most confident yoga teacher you can be and increase both your impact and your income.

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