Build your successful online yoga business (even if you have no following right now)

You're here because...

You've got the certifications and the training.

You know that teaching online is the way of the future.

You’re ready to step up and share your gifts with the world.

And you’re willing to make the commitment and do the work to make it happen.

You’re ready to treat your business like a business, and start making money for YOU and not for someone else.

You’re READY to grow an audience and make an impact on lives with the amazing work you do.

You’re ready for Online Yoga Teacher Academy.

Online Yoga Teacher Academy At a Glance

What is it?

Online Yoga Teacher Academy is an eight-week online course for yoga teachers who want to get started with building an online presence and an online yoga business.

Who's it for?

Yoga teachers who know that they have a ton to offer and are ready to take their business into their own hands by shifting into the online space.

Where does it happen?

It's all online! 

You'll engage with the content in a course portal, connect with your classmates and get support in a private Facebook community.

How does it work?

You follow the step-by-step modules, watch the videos, use the worksheets, and implement what you learn to grow your audience and your classes.

When does it start?

You start the moment you enroll. Go as fast or slow as you would like. You have lifetime access. 

Why does it exist?

Teaching online is the new normal and these days, having an online presence is crucial to finding success.

Here's what past students are saying...

I opened an online studio!

Before joining the Academy, I was waiting for the gym to open back up, going back to a job where I didn't like the way things were managed. I was teaching for free online through the pandemic. After going through the course, I opened an online studio, have members already and I am working diligently to produce more through an email list and freebies!

heather carroll  //  Yoga Teacher

This program is worth every single penny!

Before the program I didn't know about the niche and that it will make my life so much easier to know exactly who I want to provide content for. Now I know that the better I specify my niche, the more people I will be able to reach. 

I created my FB group and now I have over 45 members. I know how to run a FB group, how to create newsletter, how often to send them, and the importance of consistency. 

This program is worth every single penny! It's so valuable! I got more than I expected from it.

Monika Nagay-Marletti  //  Yoga Teacher

The value of the program is absolutely worth the money.

Before signing up for Online Yoga Teacher Academy, my online presence was unfocused and rather unhelpful. Within my first week of finishing the program I was able to grow my Facebook group by 25 people - those are warm leads for my paid classes!

Megh Zahrndt //  Yoga Teacher

This offer expires SOON!

Today only $1,499
$597 One Time

Online Yoga Teacher Academy Content

Module One:
Nail down your niche

You need to build and nurture your audience before you can market your classes and programs to them, so the most important step to building a successful online yoga business is determining who your ideal student is.

In this training, you will learn how to narrow down your niche and identify the characteristics that make up your ideal student.

Module two:
the Nitty Gritty Details Part 1
- Your website and YouTube channel

The tech part of creating an online presence can be so overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! With your ideal student in mind, you’re ready to set up the platforms where you’ll connect with them.

In this module, we’ll cover the most important aspects of your website, and how to set up your YouTube channel.

Module three:
The Nitty gritty details Part 2
- Email Marketing and FB Group

Now that you’ve set up your platforms to connect with your community, it’s time to set up the channels through which you’ll connect with them! It’s important that you’re communicating with your audience regularly, and the combination of an email list with a Facebook group is how we’ll do that.

In this module, we’ll cover your options for email marketing platforms and set up your Facebook group.

Module four:
Pre-recorded videos vs. Live teaching

Pre-recorded videos as well as live Facebook videos are great forms of content for your community to get to know you, but they don’t allow you to see your students.

In this training, we’ll cover equipment, platforms, filming, and post-production.

Module five:
Creating consistent content

It’s time to ditch the perfectionist and put yourself out there! It’s crucial that your community get to know you, and content marketing is an effective (and inexpensive) way for you to make that happen.

In this training, we’ll cover the different forms of content marketing available to you and develop a content schedule so that you’re consistently putting your work out there.

Module six:
Finding your online students without spending money on advertising

You’ve got your systems in place and you’re creating content to draw in your ideal student. Now it’s time to find them!

In this training we’ll cover different ways that you can find students and get them on your email list and into your Facebook group - without spending money on advertising!

Module seven:
The boring admin stuff

Growing an online business means we have to do all the boring backend business stuff, and that stuff can often feel overwhelming.

In this module we’ll go over a template for tracking your income and business expenses, we’ll discuss how to best handle taxes, as well as liability and waivers.

Module eight:
Crafting your offers

Let’s face it, $10 drop-in classes are not a great way to make a nourishing income. Selling bigger packages, courses, or memberships is the way to start building a greater income.

In this module, we’ll start working on crafting your bigger offers and packages, tailored to your ideal students.

bonus Module nine:
creating a facebook business page + best practices

Having a Facebook business page is a great way to leverage this social media platform. Your business page serves as your "storefront" on Facebook and allows people to know who you are, what you do, and who you help.

In this training we'll cover how to set up your business page and best practices for maintaining it.

bonus Module ten:
Creating guided meditation content

Creating guided meditation content is an amazing way for your community to get to know you more intimately. It's also easier content to create than video content, so it's great to add in to your content strategy.

In this training, you'll learn about the equipment and software needed to start creating meditation content of your own.

Here's a summary of everything you get...

The Complete Online Yoga Teacher Academy: Online Growth Program

So you have a step-by-step system for growing your online presence and online classes ($3000 Value)

10 Video Lessons

So that you have clarity on exactly what you need to do to grow your online presence ($1497 Value)

This offer expires SOON!

Today only $1,499
$597 One Time

Meet Your Guide...

Online Yoga Teacher Mentor

Hi! I'm Natalie, your guide inside Online Yoga Teacher Academy.

I've been teaching yoga since 2014 and I've been teaching online since 2017. In that time I've learned a lot about what works and what doesn't.

Now I help other yoga teachers move into the online space so that they can create thriving online yoga businesses of their own.

Online Yoga Teacher Academy is your blueprint for getting started.

I'll see you on the inside!


This offer expires SOON!

Today only $1,499
$597 One Time

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